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while i'm watching television about indonesian celebrities' gossip... then this cute guy showed up. his name's denny sumargo, he's one of most talented basketball players in indonesia..

so i decided to googling for him and these are what i got..

not only for his cute face, sexy shape, prestigious talent, but he also has bit drama in his life, something in the past that people usually try to forget. and bet all queers will luv it..

here's a quote from his future biography..

“ Hm.. Mama ga sangka kamu begitu pengecut seperti itu Din, sekarang dengarkan mama.”
Aku terdiam menyimak kata-katanya,
“ Mulai besok kalau dia berani ambil mainan kamu lagi, kamu jangan kasih. Kalau dia maksa kamu ambil saja batu di jalanan lalu pukul dia dengan batu itu biar dia takut..!” ujar mama padaku.
“ Aku takut..!”
“ Kalau kamu takut.. dan hanya bisa menangis, mama yang akan pukul kamu. Mama tidak mau punya anak cengeng dan pengecut seperti kamu. Ingat pesan mama. Jangan mama liat kamu sekali lagi membiarkan apa yang jadi milik kamu diambil orang lain dengan paksa.!”

read the rest..

i admire his appearance, and what his doing, and most of all.. everything that happened in the past, which make him as though as now.. well player.. enjoy your life, and make it as fun as you want to be..



Sinting Maut said...

huhuhuhu.... cakeeeeep....


*ngarep :P*

) ) ;;) ( :X =(( :-/ :-* :| 8-} ] ~x( b-( x( =))

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