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Deddy-O wrote:

"Mysterious Skin" film drama serious tentang dua remaja yang mengalami sex abuse yang dilakukan oleh guru olahraganya (yang cakep) pada masa kecil.

Remaja yang satu tumbuh dewasa dengan meneruskan pengalaman sexnya dan menjadi a male hustler. Yang satu lagi tumbuh dewasa dengan penuh kebingungan dan tidak ingat apa yang telah terjadi padanya...

Kegiatan si male hustler ini banyak exposed dalam film drama yang menarik ini.

Meaning..... .many nude sex scenes to watch......!
It's an American movie directed by Gregg Araki.
"Brutal and Brilliant" menurut "Boston Globe"
Juga "The most slinky-hipped profound heartbreaking movie this side of the next millennium". ....

Drama / Romance
Greg Araki (dir.)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Brandy Corbet
Michelle Trachtenberg
Bill Sage
Elisabeth Shue
MPAA Rating: R
In theaters: May 6th, 2005
Official Movie Site

"The summer I was eight years old, five hours disappeared from my life. Five hours, lost, gone without a trace..." These are the words of Brian Lackey (Brady Corbet), a troubled 18 year-old, growing up in the stiflingly small town of Hutchinson, Kansas. Plagued by nightmares, Brian believes that he may have been the victim of an alien abduction. Local Neil McCormick (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) however, is the ultimate beautiful outsider. With a loving but promiscuous mother (Elisabeth Shue), Neil is wise beyond his years and curious about his developing sexuality, having found what he perceived to be love from his Little League baseball coach (played by Hal Hartley veteran Bill Sage) at a very early age. Now, ten years later, Neil is a teenage hustler, nonchalant about the dangerous path his life is taking. Neil's pursuit of love leads him to New York City, while Brian's voyage of self discovery leads him to Neil - who helps him to unlock the dark secrets of their past. Based on the acclaimed novel by Scott Heim, "Mysterious Skin" explores the hearts and minds of two very different boys who come to find the key to their future happiness lies in the exorcism of their collective demons.

Summary written by Sujit R. Varma

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